SCRAP 2016

SCRAP 2016

Our maiden SCRAP Program, Santa Cruz Recycled Art Program, in Santa Cruz involved gleaning from our local refuse center on Dimeo Lane and creating art which then hung in the R. Blitzer Gallery. This was an incredible exercise as it forced me out of  habits I’d acquired; I feel my art changed for the better, making it more interesting, more rich. The show was a huge success for all and I really look forward to seeing where and who it takes us into the future. The cause is something I hold close to my heart; re/up-cycling is so important. Please view this work and think on how you can be in the world in a kinder, gentler way. Trash is beautiful.


On Dimeo Lane 14 x 26

iron grill, brass and mixed media on painted and lasered 3/4″ plywood board



Where Do They Go? 11 x 11″

wire assemblage on 3/4″ painted board



Cat Walk 5 X 6″

Metal and zippo lighter assemblage with beads and a fish!



The Lady and Her Ship 8 x 17″

metal and paper assemblage on lasered and painted 3/4″ wood cupboard



The Great Dimeo Baking Show 18 x 22″

wedgewood stove front with jewelry, paper and animals on painted, lasered board to resemble tile



Jazz Hands 10 x 10″

watch parts and 45 cover on painted wood



Time for a Change 12 x 22″

clock parts and paper on painted 3/4 plywood board



On Dimeo Lane 7 x 7″

wire and paper with 45 cover on painted 1/4″ plywood board



Cuban Trash 10 x 12″

lacquered cigar box top with silver and marble on lasered, dyed 3/4 plwood board



The 9×9 Brownie Pan 12 x 14″

inverted metal baking pan with brass and metal assemblage on lasered, painted 3/4″ plywood board



Pray We Pay More Attention 9 x 19″

brass, glass and paper on rusted metal mounted on 3/4″ painted plywood board



Stoopid Cow 11 x 15″

poker chips, paper, vintage plastic fruit on painted 2/4″ wood cupboard



Pancakes and Tequila 16 x 27

iron griddle, glass and metal assemblage on painted, lasered 3/4″ painted plywood

Donated to the Santa Cruz Recycled Center


Time for Coffee 12 x 19

painted 3/4″ wood with metal, espresso filters, clock parts, wire and zipper



That Was Then 12 x 16

painted 3/4″ wood with metal, espresso filters, metal ornamental lights and wire


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