I began designing when I was in my early twenties. My brother had a print shop and needed help so help I delivered. This is where I started designing logos. People came in to get business cards and what not and had no clue that they had to be created–that the printer, an old 2 color ABDick, didn’t magically produce print collateral. I was pretty ignorant but had a lot of fun learning. Our favorite game was to see just how many colors and screens we could register.

Later I met, through a wrong number, my mentor and wonderful friend Ray Chancellor. Ray had worked with Ogilvy Mather in New York before heading out to California to start a family and build his own firm. Ray kept me thinking on the client, always the end result and what it was that was important about that client. He got me asking a myriad of questions about the end result, what comes next, where are you taking it? My work is diverse for this reason–no two clients are alike, certainly they want success and growth but each with their own way of getting there.

It is my absolute passion to meet those individual needs. That is what true creativity and the challenges of design are all about.



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