2015 was something completely different than the previous year. The work I did had changed some and I also included the lamps that I’d had in the making for 2 years! So long to work out a problem but really glad I did–quite happy with the outcome. I also moved the show from my backyard to the front livingroom in order to include the use of the actual studio.


Desk Lamps  25″ tall

These are 100% hand crafted. The shades are a carbon/kevlar laminate used for sailmaking adorned with silver, bakelight buttons, vintage ribbon, film and wire. The shades have images on the inside that only show when the lamp is turned on. The pulls are strung beadwork and chain restrung from the inside for ease in pulling. The tube/stems are copper and varnished steel respectively with decorative collars matching the shade. Both bases are solid maple–some are painted, some varnished.



Baboo  28″ x 36″

This was created from a solid oak bathroom cabinetry, turned on it’s side–3 drawers and the 2 door cabinet with the shelf cut from one of the doors. I then painted, papered, filled the holes with glass and mirror and made a candle holder with beeswax candle, a perfect hall entry art piece or bedroom… or guest room.  The beadwork overlays the mirror. There are various found objects. It is named for Dali’s ocelot, Baboo.


That Giraffe  12.5 x 15

paper on 1/2″ oak, piano wire, metal, vintage jewelry


Three Fox 18 x 23

1/2″ oak with paper, glass attached with wire and brass nails, antique metal cricket, cut glass jewelry, silk tassel


Bunny 12 x 12

paper on painted oak, brass chain, tile, metal spice tin, jewelry


Lactoria Cornuta 14 x 16

tongue oiled 1/2″ oak, sheet metal, tile, cut paper, fabric, beadwork, copper with jewel and sequins


mola mola

Mola Mola 14 x 16

tongue oiled 1/2″ oak, sheet metal, tile, cut paper, fabric, beadwork, copper with vintage earring and sequins


duck bones

Duck Bones 12 x 15

laminated oak, cut paper, duck pelvis, metal jewelry, match box


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